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Determination of the Color Change of Various Esthetic Monolithic Monochromatic Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing Materials    ***    Effect of simulated gastric acid exposure on the hardness, topographic, and colorimetric properties of machinable and pressable zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass-ceramics    ***    Instrumental and Visual Evaluation of the Chameleon Effect of Single-shaded Composite Resins    ***    Effect of Er,Cr: YSGG laser debonding treatment on the optical properties and surface roughness of ceramic laminate veneers: An in vitro study    ***    Different surface treatments on recently introduced CAD-CAM resin-modified ceramics: Implications on bond strength    ***    An In Vitro Study of Retention and Marginal Adaptation of Endocrowns With Different Intracoronal Depths    ***    Effects of Different Concentrations of Carbamide Peroxide on Color, Surface Roughness, and Hardness of CAD/CAM Dental Ceramics    ***    Effect of conventional cigarette smoking and recent heated tobacco products on CAD/CAM restorative materials    ***    Effect of primer compositions on the bond strength of resin cement to ceramic materials    ***    Effect of thickness on the translucency of machinable and printable ceramic-glass polymer materials    ***    Effect of different instrumental techniques and clinical experience on shade matching    ***    Effect of surface treatment strategies on bond strength of additively and subtractively manufactured hybrid materials for permanent crowns    ***    Bacterial adhesion and surface properties of computer-aided design-computer-aided manufacturing restorative materials    ***    Chemical etching of CAD-CAM glass-ceramic-based materials using fluoride solutions for bonding pretreatment    ***    Improving electron transportation and operational lifetime of full color organic light emitting diodes through a "weak hydrogen bonding cage" structure    ***    A digital guide device to facilitate CAD-CAM veneer cementation for mandibular incisors: A dental technique    ***    Manufacturing Accuracy, Intaglio Surface Adaptation, and Survival of Additively and Subtractively Manufactured Definitive Resin Crowns After Cyclic Loading: An In Vitro Study    ***    Effect of Acidic Media on Surface Topography and Color Stability of Two Different Glass Ceramics    ***    Intraoral wear of PICN CAD-CAM composite restorations used in severe tooth wear treatment: 5-year results of a prospective clinical study using 3D profilometry    ***    Dental restorative materials and halitosis: a preliminary<em>in-vitro</em>study    ***    Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Polymer-Infiltrated Tetrapodal Zinc Oxide in Different Variants    ***    Microstructural investigation of hybrid CAD/CAM restorative dental materials by micro-CT and SEM    ***    Evaluation of the Color Stability of Three Resin-Ceramic Materials Using a Spectrophotometer and a Digital Photography Software    ***    Effect of low power Er:YAG laser irradiation of CAD-CAM resin-based composites on resin bonding    ***    Fracture resistance and failure mode of three esthetic CAD-CAM post and core restorations    ***    Three-axis load analysis of high-speed handpiece on dental training teeth and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing blocks    ***    Bleaching efficacy of in-office dental bleaching with different application protocols: a single-blind randomized controlled trial    ***    Color Stability of Bioactive Restorative Material vs Nanohybrid Resin Composite: An <em>In Vitro</em> Study    ***    Evaluation of bond strength between zirconia milled ceramic material and veneered dental porcelain    ***    Effects of different antiviral mouthwashes on the surface roughness, hardness, and color stability of composite CAD/CAM materials    ***    Color and Chemical Stability of 3D-Printed and Thermoformed Polyurethane-Based Aligners    ***    Clinical Comparative Study of Shade Measurement Using Two Methods: Dental Guides and Spectrophotometry    ***    A comparative evaluation of the variations on the shades of pressable ceramic system with the layering technique after different number of firing cycles: An in vitro study    ***    Color match of single-shade restorations after professional dental bleaching: An <em>in vitro</em> study    ***    A Comparative Study to Check the Accuracy of Tooth Shade Selection With Standardized Digital Photographs and a Spectrophotometer    ***    Comparison of the shear bond strengths of two different polyetheretherketone (PEEK) framework materials and CAD-CAM veneer materials    ***    Long-Term Bonding Efficacy of CAD/CAM Hybrid Restorative Materials and Universal Adhesives    ***    Effect of Two Different Intraoral Polishing Systems on Surface Roughness, Color Stability, and Bacterial Accumulation of Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Ceramic    ***    Comparative Study of the Influence of Heat Treatment on Fracture Resistance of Different Ceramic Materials Used for CAD/CAM Systems    ***    A Comparative Study of Shade-Matching Reproducibility Using an Intraoral Scanner and a Spectrophotometer    ***    Effect of Thermo-mechanical Cycling on Fracture Resistance of Different CAD/CAM Crowns: An <em>In Vitro</em> Study    ***    INFLUENCE OF AGING, BEVERAGES, AND MOUTH WASH SOLUTIONS ON THE MICROSTRUCTURAL AND COLOR STABILITY OF DIFFERENT DENTAL CERAMICS: AN IN VITRO STUDY    ***    Effect of Hydrothermal Aging on the Flexural Strength and Microhardness of Materials Used for Additive or Subtractive Manufacturing of Definitive Restorations    ***    Fracture resistance of CAD/CAM endocrowns made from different materials in maxillary premolar interproximal defects    ***    Effect of thermocycling on the mechanical properties of permanent composite-based CAD-CAM restorative materials produced by additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques    ***    Color stability of pressed lithium disilicate ceramics under repeated firings evaluated by different methods    ***    Effect of 4-META on microtensile bond strength of cements to ceramics    ***    Effect of polishing versus glazing of CAD-CAM ceramics on wear and surface roughness of opposing composite resin    ***    Effect of the type of application tip for 35% hydrogen peroxide on bleaching efficacy and tooth sensitivity: A randomized clinical trial    ***    Effect of ceramic type and thickness on the masking ability of chairside machinable all-ceramic crowns    ***    The Surface Roughness of Contemporary Indirect CAD/CAM Restorative Materials That Are Glazed and Chair-Side-Finished/Polished    ***    Effect of group and individual education on shade matching competency of dental students    ***    Effect of coffee thermocycling on the color and translucency of milled and 3D printed definitive restoration materials    ***    Influence of pH levels and beverage exposure on force decay and color stability of orthodontic elastomeric chains: An experimental study    ***    Optical properties of recycled zirconia for dental applications    ***    Visual Versus Digital Color Determination of 3D-Printed Teeth as an Exercise in Dental Students' Education    ***    Comparison of volumetric loss and surface roughness of composite dental restorations obtained by additive and subtractive manufacturing methods    ***    A randomized clinical study evaluating the 30-month clinical performance of class II indirect restorations in endodontically treated teeth using ceramic, hybrid, and composite computer-aided design/computer-aided production blocks    ***    In Vitro Evaluation of Accuracy and Reliability of Tooth Shade Selection Using Different Digital Instruments    ***    Comparison of Clinico-pathologic features and outcomes of ANCA negative and ANCA positive pauci immune crescentic glomerulonephritis: A single centre study    ***    A 3D-FEA study on the impact of different preparation forms and materials on posterior occlusal veneers    ***    Effect of topical application of ibuprofen/arginine on the in-office bleaching-induced tooth sensitivity: A randomized, triple-blind controlled trial    ***    The effect of repair protocols and chewing simulation on the microtensile bond strength of two resin matrix ceramics to composite resin    ***    Degradation effects of dietary solvents on microhardness and inorganic elements of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing dental composites    ***    Comparison of Adhesion Performance of a Self-curing and a Light-curing Universal Adhesive to Various Dental Substrates and CAD/CAM Materials    ***    Staining and bleaching susceptibility of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass-ceramics with different thicknesses, translucencies, and fabrication methods    ***    In Vitro Model to Evaluate the Development of Discolorations on Human Enamel Caused by Treatment with Mouth Rinses and Black Tea Considering Brushing    ***    Effect of Ceramic Thickness and Technician Variability on the Shade Duplication of Dental Ceramo-Metallic Restorations    ***    Marginal fit of three different nanocomposite inlays fabricated with computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology: a comparative study    ***    Repair bond strength of a new self-adhesive composite resin to three different resin-matrix ceramic CAD-CAM materials    ***    A microcomputed tomography analysis of adaptation in premolars with flared root canals restored with different digitally custom fabricated post materials    ***    Adhesive Performance of Resin Cement to Glass-Ceramic and Polymer-Based Ceramic CAD/CAM Materials after Applying Self-Etching Ceramic Primer or Different Surface Treatments    ***    Comparison of the Cytotoxic Effect of 3D-Printed Resins, Resin-based CAD/CAM blocks and Composite Resin    ***    Influence of sterilization on the retention forces of lithium disilicate and polymer-infiltrated ceramic-network crowns bonded to titanium base abutments: An in-vitro study    ***    In-vivo repeatability of three intra-oral spectrophotometers    ***    Comparison of Enamel Discoloration using Flash-Free and Conventional Adhesive Brackets with Different Finishing Protocols    ***    Characteristic fatigue strength and reliability of dental glass-ceramics: Effect of distinct surface treatments - Hydrofluoric acid etching and silane treatment vs one-step self-etching ceramic primer    ***    Shear Bond Strength of Simulated Single-Retainer Resin-Bonded Bridges Made of Four CAD/CAM Materials for Maxillary Lateral Incisor Agenesis Rehabilitation    ***    Effect of non-thermal plasma treatment and resin cements on the bond strength of zirconia ceramics with different yttria concentrations    ***    Development of zirconia-based polymer-infiltrated ceramic network for dental restorative material    ***    The Effect of Laser Irradiation to Surfaces of Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Fabrication Resin Blocks Coated with a Silane Coupling Agent on Bond Strength between the Resin Blocks and Composite Resin    ***    Microhardness and Gloss of a New CAD/CAM Hybrid Material Following Accelerated Aging and Coffee Immersion    ***    Effect of Thermomechanical Fatigue Loading on the Internal and Marginal Adaptation of Endocrowns Utilizing Different CAD/CAM Restorative Materials    ***    Effects of erosion and abrasion on resin-matrix ceramic CAD/CAM materials: An in vitro investigation    ***    Influence of cavity design on quality of margin and marginal adaptation and microleakage of all-ceramic CAD/CAM inlays    ***    In-vitro evaluation of wear characteristics, microhardness and color stability of dental restorative CAD/CAM materials    ***    Three-dimensional representation of the Vita Toothguide 3D-Master: An in vivo clinical study    ***    The Effect of Dehydration on Tooth Color: A Prospective In Vivo Study    ***    Biodegradation of Urethane Dimethacrylate-based materials (CAD/CAM resin-ceramic composites) and its effect on the adhesion and proliferation of Streptococcus mutans    ***    Quantitative analysis of the color in six CAD-CAM dental materials of varied thickness and surface roughness: An in vitro study    ***    The Wear Behavior of Glass-Ceramic CAD/CAM Blocks against Bovine Enamel    ***    The influence of titanium-base abutment geometry and height on mechanical stability of implant-supported single crowns    ***    Cie L*A*B* Values in VITA Classical and VITA 3D Master by Two Dental Spectrophotometers    ***    Comparison of Treatment Time for Single-Implant Crowns Between Digital and Conventional Workflows for Posterior Implant Restorations: A Randomized Controlled Trial    ***    Degree of Standardisation in Ceramic Gingival Systems    ***    Influence of the Crystallization Firing Process on Marginal and Internal Adaptation of Silicate-based Glass-ceramic Inlays Fabricated With a CAD/CAM Chairside System    ***    Effect of a Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth on the Sensitivity and Effectiveness of In-office Dental Bleaching: A Randomized Clinical Trial    ***    Stainability and translucency of potassium aluminum sulfate applied computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing materials after coffee thermocycling    ***    Color Stability of Resin Hybrid Ceramic Materials in Comparison to Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Ceramic    ***    Effect of cold atmospheric plasma versus conventional surface treatments on the bond strength between CAD-CAM zirconia and resin cement    ***